There are a lot of unusual things out there that we don't understand: Bigfoot, UFOs, and the state of Oregon. And no, we're not talking about their affinity for the "Devil's lettuce" either.

Something is lurking in the woods of Oregon... could it be in Idaho?

It's very possible that "it" is - the "it" that we're talking about apparently is known as a "Hidebehind"; a creature that according to is the stuff of nightmares:

They are slender and incredibly fast. Some say they have huge, sharp claws which they use to disembowel their victims. Other descriptions say the Hidebehind is just a black void with bright yellow eyes.

We immediately searched for a video of the Hidebehind in action and came across one of the most terrifying videos you'll ever see. So much so that it was actually featured on a show called "Paranormal Caught on Camera" on the streaming service Max.

@theaidanmattis via TikTok
@theaidanmattis via TikTok

In the video, which we found on TikTok, we hear a family in Glide, Oregon recording something in the woods. We can't even explain what in the world they caught on film but it's terrifying. Just take a look:

@theaidanmattis #stitch with @carolinarn1984 #greenscreen #hidebehind #wendigo #dogman #werewolf #folklore #lumber #american #pnw #oregon #supernatural #paranormal ♬ Scary - Background Sounds

Creepy, right? Some comments suggest that it could be a bear but if it was a bear, why does it look so... humanoid? Also, if it was a person, how did they get themselves to be completely void of light? We would love to know what you think and if you have any creepy finds like this in Idaho... let us know here.

Idaho is also home to its own mysterious creature but this one lurks in the water. We actually had a video of this creature sent to us from a source that wishes to remain anonymous. Do you know what it is?

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We can't talk about cryptids and monsters in the Northwest without talking about the one and only Bigfoot.

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