Idaho has an abundance of potato vodkas main ingredient thus paving the way for superb vodka from the gem state. Mix that with some great flavors like Idaho's own Huckleberry and you have yourself a stellar product. Here are some Idaho vodkas worth trying with descriptions from their websites with links. Happy almost summertime, enjoy.

On a side note: According to Eating Well, you should leave some vodka in a spray bottle in your laundry room or anywhere else you need a little bad odor assistance. Vodka's high alcohol content and antibacterial properties can neutralize a verity of smells and odors. When it dries unflavored vodka is clear and odorless so you can spray it before you wash your extra stinky items. I would use a vodka less amazing for laundry than these gems.

44º North Potato Vodka
There are those who believe that if vodka isn’t made from potatoes, it’s not really vodka. For them, our made in Idaho naturally gluten free Potato Vodka is the mother of all vodkas. You’ll love the classic vodka taste with a crisp, yet smooth edge, perfect for enjoying “neat” or as the key ingredient in your favorite vodka cocktails. You might even say our Potato Vodka is the potato in its ideal state.

44º North Mountain Huckleberry Vodka
*My fave so far although I have not tried ALL of the ones on this list ;)*
As the first vodka approved to wear the Idaho Potato Commission’s official seal, our naturally gluten free Mountain Huckleberry Flavored Vodka is the ideal spirit for drinking chilled, straight-up, on the rocks, or in an infinite range of signature cocktails.

44º North Rainer Cherry Vodka
Our Rainier Cherry Flavored Vodka features the very best that Idaho has to offer. This naturally gluten free vodka features a rare and delicate cherry select-harvested for the best flavor and combined with smooth Potato Vodka. It is perfect on the rocks, straight up, or in any number of signature cocktails.

44º North Sunnyslope Nectarine Vodka
Sunnyslope Nectarine Flavored Vodka is our newest naturally gluten free variety that delivers a uniquely vibrant and refreshing taste. It’s named after the Sunnyslope region of Idaho famed for its fruit orchards and long Idaho summer days. Sunnyslope Nectarine is perfect on the rocks, straight up, or in a signature cocktail.

44º North Magic Valley Wheat Vodka
Our Magic Valley Wheat Vodka is the refinement of quality and purity. Aficionados agree by awarding it a Gold Medal at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 44º North® Magic Valley Wheat Vodka delivers a classic vodka taste with a clean and crisp edge, perfect for enjoying “neat” or as the key ingredient in your favorite vodka cocktails.

Blue Ice Potato Vodka
America's finest potato vodka can only come from one place—Idaho. The home of the luscious Russet Burbank potato and the birthplace of Blue Ice Vodka. Idaho is where the people behind our brand come from and live, where our natural ingredients are sourced and where our product is crafted.

Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka
Handcrafted with USDA Certified Organic Idaho Winter Wheat and made from the pristine water from the Grand Teton Mountains, Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka goes through and extensive distilling process ensuring the purest spirit. This process allows our Master Distiller to control the removal of impurities at a micro level. With a low 64 calories per ounce, no sugar added, Blue Ice Organic Wheat is the perfect organic vodka.

Blue Ice Huckleberry Vodka
As the official state fruit of Idaho, the huckleberry has been called “purple gold” for its delicious taste and for its rarity. Our natural Mountain Huckleberry Flavored Vodka is blended with quality Potato Vodka for a smooth, natural flavor.

Grand Teton Potato Vodka
From the website: In the early 1800's, our shapely mountains reminded French trappers of a woman's anatomy. They called them "Les Trois Tetons". The highest peak is the Grand Teton. Our distillery sits in the shadows of the Tetons surrounded by thousands of acres of famous Idaho® Potatoes. Our spirits is distilled the equivalent of 20 times, proofed with pure mountain water, and polished with charcoal and garnet crystal sand. The Double Gold Medal winning result is called "Exceptional" by spirit experts. Our vodka is amazingly flavorful and full-bodied, yet smooth. Try it as a base for your favorite cocktail, in a classic martini, or on the rocks with a twist of lemon.


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