One of the many reasons people move to the Treasure Valley as much as they do is how great of a place to raise a family. The crime rate is among the nation's lowest for a city the size of Boise, the park system is fantastic, and there is a sense of community here that you just don't get everywhere.

One of the challenges is finding places to take the kids, especially the younger ones. As the weather goes from scorching to room temperature, some of the best options become more available or at least more comfortable.

Every weekend, I take my two-year-old daughter out for a daddy-daughter date. We've been to several places throughout the Boise area, some of which we've been to a lot! We've been to these places so far, and we'd love to get some suggestions if you know of others that should make our list.

Where Can High Energy Toddlers Have The Most Fun In Boise?

These are the places that my two year old daughter have checked out so far!

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