Our furr-babies are our family. Especially if you don't have any actual kids of your own, you likely put a lot of emotional effort into your relationship with your pets. My two cats, Porsche and Nala, have been together for over eight years. I legitimately cry when I think about them being gone. Through moving homes, moving cities and states, breakups, some of the happiest and some of the saddest times of your life, your pets are there with you. You go through everything together!

So inevitably, when they pass, you will miss them and grieve. But what about keeping apart of them forever?

When Molly Oswaks found out her 13-year-old cat had terminal heart disease, she began exploring how she could keep a part of the pet alive, even after it died.

Eventually, she found a group of knitters on Etsy who will take your cat or dog's fur and weave it into commemorative scarves, blankets, pillows, and mittens for a fee.

Theresa Furrer, who owns Nine Lives Twine, says her favorite fur belongs to Husky dogs, Malamutes and Great Pyrenees. "Their cordial and cuticle cellular structure is perfect for yarn," she tells The New York Times.

I love this idea. Even if you just want to have it as something for a momento rather than actually wearing, it's a physical thing that will stay with you for as long as you want it to.

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