I’ve been holding off as long as I could but my wife and every other family member between both families are ready to post. First, my wife did it! We have a healthy little girl and Paige was a rock.

Everything went smooth as Paige was in labor, then to a 10 in dilation, and all of 15 minutes pushing – we have a baby girl. Things happened so damn fast.

If you played in our Baby Pool you can rest assured that we’ll announce very soon. I’ll give you a hint though, it’s a girl and was born in the afternoon on Wednesday, September 26, 2019. Keep checking back for more on that. Wait, did we mention she came in weighing the same as our son Lennox.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

Thank you so much to the ENTIRE Saint Alphonsus staff. These doctors and nurses caught things most would have missed, thought 5 steps ahead and there was never a second that we didn’t feel 100% safe. Just love, love, love these women. The one guy assisting in our experience was the anesthesiologist and he was a BOSS. It’s important we shout out this Saint Alphonsus team from beginning to end. More on that later.

I’m typing this from the couch in one of the labor and delivery rooms while Paige recovers. This beautiful baby girl is laying right next to us. There won’t be much sleep tonight because I’m back in, “what if I break it” mode. I’m sure I’ll lay here staring at her while Paige gets some well-deserved sleep. I think some of us guys forget what these women have been doing for the last 9 months. I’ll go back to work while everyone congratulates me and she’ll be in recovery mode. So much more on postpartum in a future blog.

Oh, do you want to know her name? When our son was born I called him Lennox Luv. Fitting right? Catching too! His real middle name is after my father’s, “Jimmy.” That’s why you might hear may say, Lennox Jimmy, a lot.

This little ladies name is Leo Luv! Then again, I’m sure I’ll call her Leo Livingston because that will be her middle name. We welcome little Leo Livingston into our lives with the most loving arms and a newly excited big brother. I’ll definitely be posting more including videos but here’s her debut.

Leo Livingston

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