Tears around the world or at least in the KISS FM studio as I told Keke that his girl, Lindsey Lohan, closed down her club and therefore her show got cancelled. I haven't talked to anyone who watched her show except for Keke, and he was actually pretty bummed out. Not shocked, though. I mean, come on, it's Lindsey Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club won't be returning to MTV for a second season. According to Page Six, the show has been canceled--and the Lohan-owned Mykonos club that served as the show's setting has closed down.

The reality show premiered in January 2019 to decent ratings, because people like Keke were intrigued and bored, but those rating quickly declined, and reviews did not help, with The Hollywood Reporter calling it "vapid and tedious." Vapid and tedious. No wonder some people I know liked it.

A source adds that the series lacked drama, and attempts to re-orient it to be more about the Lohan and less about the club, fizzled. Attempts to reach the venue by phone revealed the club's number is no longer in service, while a Lohan rep also confirmed "she's not doing another season."

Sorry Keke, you'll have to find a new show to watch. I'd suggest Euphoria, which just came out on HBO and is produced by Drake and stars Zendaya, so it's obviously going to be a smash.

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