It doesn't look like Boise State Bronco's favorite quarterback will be headed by to the Broncos anytime soon. Kellen Moore just got a BIG raise and promotion.

Kellen Moore was just officially named the new Dallas Cowboy's offensive coordinator. Yes, you just read that right. Moore will be sitting in a very permanent seat in Dallas for at least the foreseeable future.

I moved to Boise back in 2007 right after the big Fiesta Bowl win which has been arguably noted as one of the best college football games of all time. Fresh off that win under Coach Peterson and senior quarterback Jared Zabransky. I remember coach Pete announcing this kid name Kellen Moore to the starting QB position and everyone was like, "who?"

Kellen led BSU to an undefeated season as a freshman, a Fiesta Bowl win, and keep adding to that list. Moore is the only Bronco to ever be invited to the Heisman Ceremony in New York as a finalist. Fans were hoping to see him back in Boise as a coach in the future. At least that was our plan.

Moore, headed off to the Detroit Lions for a few seasons as backup, the Dallas Cowboys and then became the part of the coaching squad. Today that has all changed as Dallas in some very needed help will welcome Kellen to one of the biggest slots for the team. Say hello to Offensive Coordinator. This is a big accomplishment for Kellen and that means he's that much closer to becoming an NFL coach. You might not see him back in Boise anytime soon.

Congrats from Bronco Nation Kellen!


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