This is some hot, scalding hot tea. Could Khloe Kardashian really be pregnant, by her cheating ex Tristan Thompson, again???

When I saw Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn trending on Twitter this morning, I knew it was going to be good. Rumors are that Khloe is pregnant again by her ex and current baby-daddy Tristan, who cheated on her with her little sister Kylie's much younger best friend, Jordyn Woods.

It's been turmoil since. I mean, the amount of memes and quotes we've endured on Khloe's IG story alone is enough to be over it. And I get it, trust me I do. She had her heart broken. She was betrayed by her partner and her friend. But it always felt like the anger was directed more at Jordyn, than at Tristan, who should have been faithful to her. He was the one most at fault.

So now that Kylie has unfriended her once-bestie Jordyn, and she's been basically banned by the fam, will we see an apology? Will Khloe owe that to Jordyn if she's actually giving Tristan a chance and having another baby with him?

These are all still rumors as of now, so we'll have to see what transpires next. I'll definitely have more for you in The Tea tomorrow morning: 6:50 and 8:50a!

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