Cue the famous "Low Rider" song by War....George Lopez is coming back to the Treasure Valley and I couldn't be more excited.

Having grown up in a Latin household, so much of the material that George Lopez jokes about is ridiculously relevant to me--it always leaves me wondering "was he a fly on the wall of my youth, or are all Mexicans really like this!?"

From his TV series that ran for six strong seasons on ABC to his notorious stand up comedy, George Lopez has been a household name for YEARS and we're luck that a comedian of this caliber is bringing his talents to the Treasure Valley again!

It isn't all sunshine and daisy's with Lopez--especially lately. In fact, the last couple of shows that he had in the past week or so have had major protests from Republican groups and Donald Trump supporters because of a joke he made on Twitter that definitely pushed the envelope amid the Iran drama. I'll keep my opinions to myself but I don't think that anyone ACTUALLY thinks George Lopez would take the Presidents life for money...I digress.

The show is at The Morrison Center this Sunday, January 19th and tickets are still available.

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