The Super Bowl is probably America's largest unofficial holiday. Its a time for food, betting, seeing greats play against each other and of course drinking.

To keep this simple, here at 103.5 KISSfm we created our own drinking game for you. Obviously you can make your own rules and not bother with others. This is more of a guideline for you if you choose to participate. (Although it is a drinking game, please drink responsibly and DO NOT drink and drive) Please Uber if you have to or take a Taxi.

Here are the rules:

One Drink

  • Papa Murphy's commercial
  • Every time the phrase “physically gifted” is used.
  • John Elway appears on camera.
  • Roger Goodell (NFL commissioner) appears on camera.
  • Archie Manning is shown on camera.
  • Eli Manning appears on camera.
  • When you hear the play Omaha yelled out loud
  • Liquid poured on coach is orange

Two Drinks

  • Rushing touchdown
  • Every Demaryius Thomas dropped pass.
  • Every Ted Ginn Jr. dropped pass.
  • Cam Newton “Dabs” OR Supermans
  • Liquid Poured on coach is yellow
  • If Beyoncé overperforms
  • Left Shark is shown on screen.

Three Drinks

  • Liquid Poured on coach is blue
  • Defensive/Special Teams touchdown
  • Race gets brought up in broadcast
  • Newton wins Super Bowl MVP
  • Passing touchdown

One Shot

  • Missed PAT (point after touchdown)
  • Manning or Newton throws a pick six.
  • Missed field goal
  • Cam Newton “Dabs” AND Superman’s
  • Manning wins Super Bowl MVP
  • Scandalous Halftime Event

Two Shots

  • Newton rips a Broncos sign down.
  • Manning rushing touchdown.
  • A successful onside kick.
  • Joe Montana is at the game.
  • Terry Bradshaw is at the game.

Shotgun a Beer OR Shot

  • If there is an earthquake.
  • Game goes to over time
  • Celebratory halftime

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