If you have been around Bo-Do recently, that block of downtown Boise businesses that at one point in time was the popular, new spot to be. Now, it is a very different story. Since the creation of The Village in Meridian, it seems as though downtown Boise shopping isn't what it once was-- even before we entered the global pandemic. Shops were packing up from downtown Boise and making their way to Meridian where the outdoor, luxury style shopping mall had gone in and attracted tons of shoppers. Places like Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor Loft and others quickly made the move to the area leaving a once popular block of stores in the heart of a bustling downtown Boise, vacant.

Developers now plan to fill these empty spots with something unlike anything else in Boise: a food hall.

The Warehouse Food Hall, as it has been named, will be done around summer of 2022 and will take up 29,000 square feet of downtown Boise real estate. Over 20 food vendors and retail vendors will be setting up shop inside and there will be common area seating as well as patio seating, which as we all know, this city loves. I LOVE this concept because I have been to cities like Phoenix, Arizona for example, where small, locally owned food operations take over a large space and build in a really trendy communal area to eat, spend time with friends, and experience different cuisines.  Think food truck rally meets fancy mall food court.

What types of restaurants would you like to see inside of this new concept?

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