What happens now? That's the question on everyone's mind after the travesty in Las Vegas.

While they don't have answers, late night TV certainly had additional questions.

While each host had their own take on things, and where we go from here, there seemed to be a universal theme: Something needs to change.

Jimmy Kimmel called out (via their photos) all the senators that are currently against gun control. James Corden questioned why mass shootings continue to happen in the U.S., but are so rare in his home of England.

Stephen Colbert came straight for Donald Trump, asking him to attempt something that neither of the last two presidents could achieve while in office. Jimmy Fallon brought guests Miley Cyrus and Adam Sandler on with a cold open touching performance.

You can see all the late night hosts' opening monologues below:


Jimmy Kimmel


Stephen Colbert


Seth Meyers


James Corden


Jimmy Fallon w/ Miley Cyrus & Adam Sandler


Conan O'Brien


Trevor Noah


While we're over 600 miles from Las Vegas, here in the Treasure Valley there are still things we can do to help our neighbors in Nevada.


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