Birthday cake is for the birds. Birthday yogurt is so 2018. Don't believe us? Maybe some free birthday yogurt could entice you...

Seriously. In celebration of their tenth birthday, Chobani (with their plant located in Twin Falls) is giving away free yogurt! Why did CEO Hamdi Ulukaya decide to give away free product for their birthday?

We wanted to say thank you to our fans and consumers. We have millions and millions of people buying our product and we want to invite more to come into our brand.

How does it work exactly? It's pretty basic. Chobani is offering coupons on their website, download the coupons, and redeem for free Chobani stuff. Unless you live in Louisiana or New Jersey, because for some reason it's against dairy laws there or something.

Make sure you jump on the free offer, because Chobani is blowing out the candles on this deal on March 4th.

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