It's not everyday that a local Boise video goes viral and its not everyday that we actually know someone who has a video that goes viral on social media. Well Boise, today is that day... After an eventful week and 7.5 combined million views my IG friend Blake and his wife Kenzie are still laughing at their 15 minutes of fame and more importantly at the hilarious video that their 1 year old daughter starred in. Today Blake told the story of how his wife suggested that they go to the range and hit some golf balls, while there they noticed that the baby would laugh every time she would swing and miss. After the fourth time, Blake captured it on video and after putting it on TikTOk  the couple had over 3 million views, then ESPN, ABC, and other media outlets all picked it up and before they knew it they we're at 7.5 million views combined. Blake and Kenzie congrats and thanks for the laughs.


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Kids will always tell you the truth. 😂 (📹: @Blake_Hagzcre)

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