Once again, the Boise community is coming together to help those in need. The efforts are being led by two great local organizations-- the Idaho Youth Ranch and the Interfaith Sanctuary.

COVID-19 has terrorized "normal life" as we know it and those who may not have been struggling before the virus may be experiencing uncertainty and more for the first time.  In these times where we distance and look out for ourselves more than ever--the marginalized in our community suffer even more That's why these two organizations are stepping up in a big way.

The number of homeless, school-aged children in our area is shocking. The Idaho Youth Ranch and Interfaith Sanctuary are now going to begin offering both emotional and educational support to these kids at Interfaith's hotel shelter. The program will even include a full-time preschool teacher to help early childhood development.

With many schools going virtual, at least in the beginning, all students deserve an equal shot at education.

If you're in need, reach out to the help line at 208-343-2630

To help out with these efforts, you can contact the Idaho Youth Ranch or Interfaith Sanctuary to leave a donation of items or money that can directly impact this program.

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