In a time when Boise and our Treasure Valley is booming, we're used to seeing more and more businesses pop up. In fact, especially in Boise, it's like a new brewery, bar, pub, or cider house is coming to town every week! Boise loves their local brews!

Unfortunately, one of my favorite spots to grab a hard cider in downtown Boise is closing and I'm totally heart broken over it.

Long Drop Cider in downtown Boise is closing their tasting room for good.  A lover of hard cider, particularly their, I've had some really fun times in their spot over on Capitol Boulevard. Friends and I have met up and drank a little too much at this place (but really, there's no such thing) and I'll definitely miss having it there.

With the taste room closing, Long Drop Cider has to clear out their inventory and they posted some pretty great deals up on Facebook. Starting today, you can go by Long Drop and get 40 percent off of EVERYTHING in stock-- cans, bottles, and yes, even growler fills! This runs through Saturday, the 24th!

Long Drop Cider's Taste Room is located at 603 S. Capitol Boulevard here in Boise!

Oh, and the good news? Even though the tasting room is closing there will still be Long Drop Cider on shelves and in taps all over town! Cheers to their amazing hard ciders still being produced!

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