In times like the ones in which we're living, charity, kindness, and paying it forward are key pillars for what keeps us together as a community. Lucky for us here in the Treasure Valley, these are things that are ingrained in us. A local car dealership is doing just that--and it's something that they've done long before the coronavirus.

Maverick Car Company on Fairview Avenue is offering FREE short-term leases for families and individuals that are finding themselves in need.

Folks who receive these vehicles are given three or sometimes six months to use the leased vehicle, for free, in hopes that during that time the family or person driving it is able to catch up with other bills or keep their head above water.

I first heard about this program from my good friend Diana who runs a popular local Instagram account, Boise Bucketlist.

There are no specific requirement to apply for this short-term leasing opportunity. Priority is given to families with children, however.

Interested in getting involved with this huge opportunity? Reach out to Maverick Car Company at: 208-314-9080


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