The last twelve months have been real crazy. Earthquakes, a pandemic, you name it and it seemed to have happened...or been canceled. Along with all of this has come a far too familiar term: "Social Distancing".  While it's a small step that is keeping us safe during all of this pandemic business it HAS had some serious impact on the way that we interact or even know one another.

A friend of mine is a school counselor and was sharing how difficult NOT being in-person has been for kids. When you think about it, developmentally, it makes complete sense.  But how has this impacted adults? Professional settings? It seems to me that it has been just as harsh--some industries taking more of a hit than others.  I know that if I were interviewing for a job and had to do so over Zoom, I would be totally stressed. There's no opportunity for person-to-person synergy when you're staring at your screen. Perhaps you have a loud person down the hall that never stops talking or a stack of work on your desk that needs to get taken care of--it's tough to tune ALL of that out for a little window on your screen. I think it is fair to say that we are all a little socially rusty.

Locally owned and grown company, TitleOne, is holding a virtual interview competition to help you boost your skills and confidence in this setting and we are totally here for this concept.

Not only will this even give you the chance to practice your interview skills and win some cash and prizes--there are actual full-time positions that you could be eligible for just for partaking. By the way, TitleOne is a NINE-TIME WINNER of Best Places to Work in Idaho. Not too shabby.

The best interview candidate wins $1,000 cash while the top 10 candidates can take home $100!

You have until February 25th or apply. Click HERE for that application.

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Posted by TitleOne on Thursday, February 11, 2021


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