If you were out in downtown Boise on Friday night, you may have noticed much like I did, that there was a real shortage in parking spots. Sure it was Valentine's Day and a ton of streets seemed to have no parking orders posted on their meters, but the parking situation just seemed WORSE than normal. Of course, I was running late like I usually do and not being able to find parking meant for me that I was about to consider the parking garage option-- wow, am I glad that I didn't.

If you have any form of social media I can almost guarantee that you saw a video taken from inside a downtown Boise parking garage going around. I saw it with a couple of thousand views already early Saturday morning. The video was filmed Friday night and it looks almost too crazy to believe.

According to the Boise Police Department, the yellow Mustang shown in this video hit 11 cars in the downtown Boise parking garage located on 9th street and at one point was even dragging a truck along with it on the way down to the exit. Investigators say that the registered owner of the vehicle is Damariea Dawkins. The driver eventually abandoned the car near West Eastover Terrace where even more property damage was done to traffic signs and a light pole.

See the video for yourself below, and if you know any information please let Boise Plice know-- this behavior is just flat out dangerous and ridiculous.

**Warning, video contains profanity**

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