There are a number of dog parks scattered throughout the Treasure Valley, each unique in their own way:

Some of them are leash only, meaning your dog can’t freely run around off leash. 

Some have separations to keep small and large dogs apart, if the owners prefer. 


Some are basically like a little playground for your pets, with props and toys to play with. 

And some dog parks are not even dog parks at all, but they have become a place where neighbors unofficially bring their pets after nightfall. 


Because of this, we recently asked locals where their favorite dog parks are throughout the Treasure Valley… but we were admittedly very surprised by their responses.


We assumed they would be similar to the one below:

“We love dog parks and so does our dog! It makes his day and is great for a lot of exercise and socialization. We go frequently and have had very few problems. We keep an eye on him, of course. It’s fun to see all the cute pups and friendly owners.” - Lisa P.


But as it turns out, most owners fervently expressed that they actually do not like dog parks.

In fact, they are adamantly against them. 

In order to get to the bottom of this debate, we asked them to explain why they hate dog parks, and we have to admit… Their reasoning makes a lot of sense. 

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