Today, April 27th, marks the 40th anniversary of Make-A-Wish, a national non-profit organization that helps make dreams and wishes come true for children battling for their lives against various illnesses.

I first interacted with Make-A-Wish of Idaho just a couple of years ago and truly had no idea of what the organization really did. Now, having made great friends with them here locally, I am blown away by the impact that this group of individuals made of staff, volunteers, and those who donate, are able to make in the lives of families statewide.

I say "families" because one thing I learned was when it comes to making a child's wish come true, the whole family is involved. They're sending that child's immediate family with them--it's a powerful thing.

Today, my colleague and great American Kevin Miller and I are celebrating Make-A-Wish of Idaho because we have become great fans and supporters of their work in our personal lives and want to share with you the good work they do.

To learn more and to donate, click HERE.


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