I'm all for being "I am woman! Hear me roar!" but the one "female empowering" trend I just don't get is the growing out your armpit hair trend.  This gross trend just reached a whole new level of ridiculousness.

Celebs like Madonna and Miley have embraced the trend that is being called "direct-action feminism." The ladies that have kissed their razors, waxes and laser hair removable goodbye say that by growing out their underarm hair they're exercising their right as women to make their own choices about their body and not feel pressured to conform to society's beauty norms for women.

I'm all for using your body as a canvas.  I LOVE eye shadow and make-up is my way of expressing myself.  I've seen women with beautiful full sleeve tattoos...but this trend just grosses me out.  I didn't get laser hair removal to conform to society, impress a man or anything like that.  I got it because armpit hair grosses me out.  A LOT.  That's why I don't understand the newest take on this trend...pitdazzling.

Yes, women are now adding extensions, ribbons, beads and gems to their underarm hair.  So gross.  So, so gross...but admit you're curious what it looks like!

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