It has been confirmed that school will be canceled on Monday for West Ada School District as HUNDREDS of teachers have decided to organize a mass "sick-out" to send a message to the board of West Ada School District.

As we all know, every single aspect of life has changed in one way or another because of COVID-19 and realistically, it feels like this virus has made our nation even more divided than it was before. It's such a shame, on both sides of the political isle, as something that terrorizes our WORLD like this should be able to bring us together in an effort to overcome.

Over 500 teachers have agreed to partake in this "sick-out" and while West Ada School District attempted to fill all of the open classes with substitute teachers--they were simply unable to do so.

We first learned about this "sick-out" organized by teachers who are frustrated with the in-person learning being offered while Central District Health has schools in the Red Zone earlier in the week. Yesterday while I was in Meridian, I met a teacher, randomly, from the West Ada School District. I asked her if she planned to be a part of the movement and she told me that she was indeed. According to her, she and her colleagues feel that board is completely disregarding them, their families, and their health.

Teachers, my entire life, have been my biggest role models and I know that I'm not alone in feeling this way. I hope that a solution can be found for everyone.

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