This could be the most relatable dog, ever.

A 190-pound mastiff named Floyd went for a hike with his owner near Salt Lake City, Utah, but ended up having to be rescued, CNN reports.

Floyd became so exhausted by the hike on the Grandeur Peak trail Saturday that he just sat down and refused to move. The dog's owner was able to get help from the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office search and rescue team after other hikers reported that they needed help.

With temperatures dropping, and Floyd unwilling to move, the team snapped into action. "They had no hesitation whatsoever, even when they heard it was a dog," Sgt. Melody Gray of the Unified Police Department said. The team strapped the huge dog to a stretcher and carried him down the hill--a rescue that took about four hours.

"Floyd was a good boy and was happy to be assisted," the rescue team posted on its Facebook page. Floyd is now reportedly resting at home and getting lots of TLC.

If I ever had a dog, this would be the one. Gets tired and refuses to move? A dog after my own heart. Maybe this is why I'm a 'cat person'.. cats sleep up to 17 hours a day and your girl is always sleepy.

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