The countdown to vacation is REAL. I'm just just three days away from boarding a plane and flying to Phoenix, Arizona for a few days away from town.

Having not gone on many trips out of town growing up, one thing I have promised myself as I have grown older, is that I'll take some time to myself and travel--no matter how busy I am. So, that said, it's off to Phoenix I go. I've got a rental home to myself, the weather is set to be 85 degrees and sunny, and some of my very best friends--the kind you consider your family--are all down there ready to have a great time.

Before I take off, I want to pick up a bottle of something fun to take to a couple of friends--something that can ONLY be found in Idaho, or better yet, right here in Boise.

There are so many options, from beers to vodkas but I'm looking for the BEST of the best and need your suggestions.

What's your favorite Idaho (or Boise) liquor that just can't be bought anywhere else?


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