Hey guys. Do you find yourself walking around thinking "All these women in Boise love me. I must be so irresistible!"? Yeah, about that.

We're all about people feeling confident and all that, but we've gotta bring it back down to Earth: Women in Boise are absolutely not here for the selection of men they've been presented with.

Don't believe us? Think it's fake news. Let's go right to the source then:


First thing's first. Maybe you should start with a quick trip to the barber. The Thor look is soooo 2019.


Guys, why aren't you worth Shelby's time? You should really step it up. She is a princess, after all.


If you're looking to date Molly, you gotta hit up the gay clubs. Duh.


Isn't anyone out there willing to ruin Kaylie's life? She did ask really nicely and all...


Brandi is sick of this hide-n-seek game of decent guys in the Treasure Valley. When you stay hidden, nobody wins.


Ope. Gotta stop being creepy and disgusting, guys. Creepy? That's fine. Disgusting? Sure. Put them together? Absolutely not!


It's probably something in the potatoes. Also, I'm offended.


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