There are so many different articles regarding COVID-19 things can get lost sometimes. I can't remember there was a national problem that spans across every type of news outlet. It's just insane.

We've been talking about that shocking video of the female boxing her dog, posting it on Snapchat laughing about it. The city is outraged with a finding probably coming soon in that case. When it comes to our pets I feel like the Treasure Valley might be the most publicly loving to their pets compared to anywhere else I've lived. That's a fact.

The COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed so much of our lives. We're seeing local businesses close door for good, career jobs lost and Idahoans wondering where that next check is going to come from. Food might not be coming easy right now as we decide what's most important to survive in some cases. I just came across some great news from Meridian Canine Rescue that could help ease the pain for your little pet.

MCR is giving away Care Packages to residents during this difficult time that we're all navigating through. These are care packages to assist owners to take care of their dogs at home while saving money for your family.

The staff carefully puts packages together that include new and used items for your pets. The MCR team wants to make it even easier and deliver right to your doorstep. The MCR volunteers are making sure you have every opportunity possible to take care of your pets no matter the situation.

Take a look at the several different types of Care Packages they offer. This is a great resource and I've listed all the links below. This care package is available on a first-come basis so make sure to inquire sooner than later.


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