There's a very specific line from Harry Potter that comes to mind as we read up on this Meridian, Idaho news. It's when Harry, in the first movie, is trying out wands for the very first time and that old crazy looking guy gives him one that isn't a fit--he waves it, everything breaks, and the old man says:

No, No, Definitely Not!

Meridian City Council basically said the same thing to a local businessman with a unanimous 'NO' vote to a highly talked-about and of course, highly controversial nightclub that was going to be placed on the intersection Eagle & Ustick Road.

If you're curious to see how this meeting went--you can watch the thing in its entirety above. Let me spoil it for you: nobody voted in favor of the nightclub and several community members spoke out against it.

Honestly, we aren't too surprised to hear this from family-oriented Meridian, Idaho.

The nightclub, which was supposed to be named "The Oasis" was going to be 10,000 square-feet and bragged that it would have nearly $2 million in new, advanced, sound and lighting technology.  This also included, allegedly, "one of the largest" interactive dance floors in the world.

Brian Tsai, the owner of The Oasis opened up his speech to City Council explaining that he is a local--born and raised here in the Treasure Valley --and wanted to bring something new and exciting to the area, a way of giving back.

Those who spoke against the project said that the proposals lack transparency, a general concern that it may cause crime and trouble in the area, and that limited parking was going to make for a logistical nightmare.

The opposition won.

In a unanimous decision by the Meridian City Council, the permit application for "The Oasis" was denied.

For now, the project is at a halt and until further notice, IHOP on Eagle & Fairview will indeed be the busiest late night destination on Eagle Road

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