Denim Day was so powerful at Live for 175! 

Come down to see us at the Village at Meridian any given day during Live for 175 and chances are you'll see me and Tawsha Box rocking yoga pants or leggings, while Kekeluv is staying comfortable in sweats but on Wednesday?  Not so much.  Wednesday, April 27th, 2017 is recognized as Denim Day around the world so we all wore our jeans.

Not familiar with the story behind Denim Day? It stems from a tragic story of an 18 year old girl in Italy. On her very first day of driving school, her instructor (who was married and in his 40s) sexually assaulted her during their lesson together.  He was found guilty of rape and thrown in prison.  Not long after, an Italian judge wrote an opinion that because the girl's jeans were so tight, she must have helped him remove them from her body therefore making the encounter consensual. The court overturned the conviction and let the rapist walk free.  The next day, the women in the Italian parliament showed up to work in jeans in solidarity with the girl.  The day became known as Denim Day and now happens every April around the world to show support for victims of sexual assault and as awareness for the dangers of victim shaming.

You can see us in our jeans in these photos along with a special visit from Keke's owl angel, Disney princesses, the WCA, Chive Idaho and more! Judging by how much fun we had, you couldn't even tell it poured all day!

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