Another week has come and gone and little did I know that so much love was missed out on at Boise Music Festival. I mean perhaps it is obvious, THOUSANDS of you gathering under some perfect weather for this summers biggest would be inevitable, right?

Well, some folks from Boise Music Festival are looking for their special someones along with some other un-related encounters. I'm just trying to make it all work. Without further ado- here are this weeks best missed connections. Just click the title for the place to respond to each individual!

Cream top, jean sorts, long hair, pretty smile. We passed each other on the green belt near the white water park. I couldn’t keep my eyes if you and judging by your smile you knew I was looking.

Any chance you are into older men?

I was standing next to you as we were watching Pitbull. We talked for a bit then we have some dancing. You were with your friend and I was alone and then you start the conversation " you are nice.... ".

The time run fast before I told you my name or know your name. You left before I could ask you if you'd like to grab a drink sometime if you were free, I'd love to get to know you. You tell me see you later when you left. I hope you read this. Tell me your your short and top color !!!

Walking up to the stage on the left side, you were with some tall skinny white dude... wearing a see through top no bra! You caught me looking & kept staring at me to come over. What was i wearing & who was i with?

You were the gorgeous redhead who sat next to me for about an hour Tuesday afternoon. I was headed home and you were not. We talked about what I did for a living and you had a small connection to it in the past. You started to tell me something along the lines that you weren't as innocent as you seem, but we were interrupted. I'd love to hear more about that part of you. Maybe live and in person at some point?

Looking to connect with the pretty girl I saw riding a bike, you went into the store today around 130pm. Usually I am more confident when I see something I like. I think you have beautiful eyes. My eyes are brown and I was wearing a hat. I would like to take you on a traditional date and see if there is more to us staring at each other. Wishing on a star that you see this and respond.




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