Every Monday Cruise & Box post up Missed Connections from the Boise Craigslist. Did you fall in love at the correctional facilty? Trying to connect with a long lost love? You might be in Boise Missed Connections!

Here’s some of the strangest Missed Connections we spotted this week:

Just Released From Jail. Do U Have A Smoke? (Ada County Jail) - M4W

I was sitting in my car outside Ada County Jail said you were just released from jail and you came running over asking if I had a smoke when you were with your grandma they look like signing bail bond in papers you told me your name was blue or bleu or blu how ever u spell ur name.. u had short blond hair short black shorts on with a pink tanktop u was so happy i had a smoke u said u could make out with me.. I was hoping to try to find u again and talk to u more I thought u was very cute.. I was in a mustang



Hot Guy In All Black At The Mall (Boise) - W4M

I was walking into the mall with my friend who's an older woman. You were riding up the escalator and said "Hey I love your hair!" I smiled and thanked you. And kept checking you out when we passed you as we went to Spencers and Hot Topic. I was going to come give you my number but you were talking to 2 people by the bench in front of Spencers. If its you message me and tell me what color my hair is or why its so cool. :P


COOP North End Sunday (Boise) - M4W

I seen you checking out my lifted cj5. You were pretty cute, blonde. In a newer white wrangler jeep. We were at the light in front of the garrity exit about mid day. I wouldn't mind chatting and maybe hangout. If you see this...What color is my jeep.


Can't get enough missed connections? We totally understand. They're completely addictive. Looking for that long lost love from the other night? Peruse our previous Boise Missed Connections and see if that special someone pops up for you!

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