We love it when you snap pictures of the things that make Boise great, and there are a few scenes that should be on every mom's social media.  At least one of them involves wine.


My sister is a mom of two, and she's notorious for posting pictures of the kids but she rarely posts a picture of herself.  I've asked her about this and she's convinced that her followers don't want to see pictures of her, and they just want to see pictures of the kids.  To which I say, yes, we do want to see photos of the kids, but we clicked on your name to follow YOU!  We love you and don't forget to post pictures so we can officially like you too.

The last thing busy moms need is to have to take an extra ten minutes to ponder the needs of their social media accounts.  Right?!  Most of the time the posts are quick, and they can be accomplished conveniently, in the few minutes that we have after the kids get home from school while we're unloading backpacks, microwaving noodles, and jetting out the door to 4th-grade basketball practice.

If you do have a few extra minutes to put some thought into it, these are the posts that we love seeing on your socials.

It's you doing your daily thing, and it's us cheering you on when you decide to be part of a 5k or take a hike at Table Rock.  And at the end of the day, there might be wine, and we love seeing that too so we can offer a toast.


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