The Anne Frank Memorial is the only one of its kind in the country, making it a historic and sacred landmark.

But, unfortunately, it has also been the victim of vandalism not just once, but many times. And just last week, the tunnel on the Boise Greenbelt near the Anne Frank Memorial was vandalized with profanity and hateful anti-semitic messages.

Boise Anne Frank Memorial Greenbelt Tunnel Vandalized a second time

Because of this vandalism, Boise Police are investigating by looking through surveillance video from the area. But there have been no charges filed.


This brings up a great discussion about adding more cameras to the Boise Greenbelt and near the Anne Frank Memorial sight. 


Three cameras were installed near the memorial after it was defaced with a swastika about a year ago, but those cameras do not show inside the actual Greenbelt tunnels.

Boise Parks Director Doug Holloway said officials will discuss upgrading or adding more cameras in the memorial itself and installing additional cameras to capture the area, according to this KTVB article.


No timeline has been released on when these updates will happen or new cameras will be installed.

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