It's another top 10 list that will actually make you feel pretty good to already be living here before droves start coming into town. We are already experiencing huge growth in the Treasure Valley and this stat will keep us here. 

Out of the entire country, Boise, Idaho is the second best place to retire. I know we are a lifetime from thinking about retirement but as we plan where we are going to live and what we are going to do for our careers, it's good to know where we should land.

No matter what you want or wanted to do after high school, coming home feels good. It just does. You learn things by living other places, the mystique of the "big city" is squashed by negative bank accounts, too much traffic, few job opportunities and more. You feel me?

The top 5 places to retire are:

  1. Bethlehem, PA
  2. Boise, ID
  3. Clemson, SC
  4. Colorado Springs, CO
  5. Fargo, ND


The study was based on:

  • Bikeability - are there places to ride your bike that have good scenery and are simple to get to? Duh, we've got that one in the bag.
  • Walkability - can you get to places you want to shop, dine, etc, within a small walking distance? It includes from places where you park.
  • Physical security - This is all based on crime rates.
  • Accessibility to healthcare
  • Appealing outdoor environment - What does it look like outside? Is it a pretty enough place to live? Boise? Yep, sure is!

In this faraway fantasy of mine, I'll be retired and spending my days biking the (non-flooding) greenbelt, laying out by the pool and snowboarding at Tamarack in the winters. That, or just renting a cabin with a fireplace and hot tub.

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