Life as a parent can be hectic at times but at the end of the day, it’s one of the most rewarding roles one could have in life. The best part? You get the opportunities to share (and relive) some of the best moments of your childhood with your children. Before there were tablets and iPhones, we had a thing called books. We’re not talking about these “new age” books either, we’re talking about the classics such as ‘Corduroy’ (the bear in case anyone forgot!), ‘The Giving Tree’, and my personal favorite, ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’

The folks over at Grand Canyon University along with Grand Canyon Education conducted research to find out which books were the most popular in various states. You can take a peek at exactly how they conducted this research here but I have to get one thing off of my chest: how in the world is ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ a favorite in only ONE state? And spoiler alert: it’s not Idaho, it’s freaking ARKANSAS.

Now, I have nothing against Arkansas, but really? One state? This is a book that sold more than 19 MILLION copies worldwide and according to this research, ‘The Cat in the Hat’ is dominating the country with 8 states favoring Dr. Seuss’s classic. Again – nothing against Dr. freaking Seuss… but ‘The Cat in the Hat’ over ‘Where the Wild Things Are’? This is Idaho! We have Sasquatch who very well could have been included in 'Where The Wild Things Are' and sorry but Max in ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ wins every time. Disagree? Let me know about it here!

Now that we’ve endured my little soap box about the greatest children’s book of all time, let’s get into the most popular children’s books in Idaho and surrounding states according to research.

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