Ada County Sheriff's Office want you to know there's been a report of a mountain lion sighting in the Treasure Valley.    The animal was spotted at the trails near the Hubbard Reservoir in Southwest Ada County.  The area is near the Hubbard/Stewart intersection.  If you see the Mountain Lion, call dispatch at 208-377-6790.

Ever wonder what an encounter with a mountain lion would look like up close?  Check out this video from the Idaho Fish and Game Department here.

What should you do if you're on a trail and encounter a mountain lion?

According to Fish and Game:

Don't Run

Pick up small children without bending down.

Do not turn your back on the mountain lion.  Remain facing the lion and slowly back away.  Leave the animal an escape route.

Fight back if the mountain lion attacks.  Stay on your feet, use sticks, rocks, backpack hands to fight back.  Use bear spray if you have it.

For a complete list of what to do, plus how to prevent a conflict with a mountain lion, click here for the entire list.


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