March Madness for both the men and women is in full swing right now and it seems EVERYONE has a broken bracket right now on both tournaments.   While the Boise State women were defeated in the first round by a powerful UCLA team--which was a virtual home game for the Bruins--a Boise tie to the women's March Madness bracket remains in Mountain View High School grad, Destiny Slocum.

Slocum is a freshman basketball player, and a key player at that, for the University of Maryland--a prestigious university with an extremely well respected basketball program. As a freshman, Destiny Slocum is starting for the University of Maryland in the big dance, something truly complimentary to her skill level.

After a dominating win in the First Round, Maryland had a challenge in Second Round opponent West Virginia.  Maryland defeated the Mountaineers with authority, however it was the shot before halftime that made the news...and twitter, go wild.

Destiny Slocum, the meridian native, made a buzzer beater that will go down in NCAA history. With just two seconds left in the first half, Maryland already had a solid lead over West Virginia.  That lead, however, didn't make Slocum not want to throw up a buzzer beater...from 75 feet away! It was nearly a full court shot and SPOILER ALERT: she made it.


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