I'll never forget that first night at Gonzaga University. I had just left Boise the day before, got moved into my freshman dorm that morning, and no time was wasted on immersing myself and all of my classmates into Gonzaga's culture. Gonzaga University is a small, Catholic, Jesuit university in Spokane Washington. Though a small school, it's spirit, pride, network of alumni, and basketball program are just a few of its larger than life attributes.

That first night at Gonzaga, they piled all of us into the "old gym"--the gym now used at the student recreation center.  Light off, speakers at full volume, an annual orientation ritual takes place welcoming all of the new Zags to campus and firing you up with energy and school pride.  It's tradition to not talk about what happens in the gym, but from that night on I knew I would be a Zag for life.

Fast forward 4 years and now I'm living back in Boise watching my Zags basketball games from afar. Not being IN The Kennel (the McCarthy Athletic Center where Gonzaga Basketball calls home) isn't easy, but I've come to find some really great places to watch the games here in Boise.

It doesn't matter who you're rooting for, if you love this time of year because of March Madness, here's a list of places you can definitely enjoy a game!

  • 1

    The Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill

    Located right by BSU, this is a favorite of mine because there is such an open atmosphere, tons of TV's, and great food. I suggest tacos or chicken and waffles!

  • 2

    Sockeye Brewing

    This is a new discovery of mine but no secret to Boise.  There are two locations and these guys have some of the best fries in town. Great LOCALLY brewed beers on tap, as well.

  • 3


    Mulligans is right downtown and is a really cool local restaurant and bar.  Several TV's surround the bar, they have locally brewed beer on tap, and my suggestion here is sharing some of their homemade buffalo chips!

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