We're constantly getting hit over the head with stories covering how many people are moving to Idaho. We know. We drive in traffic here. We're literally living in the thick of it.

Well, you may be surprised to hear that many Idahoans are choosing to move out of state to find their new home. Some are moving further West to Washington or California, some down south to states like Florida and Texas, and a select few are going even further East to New York.

Well, before we bid farewell to our former neighbors and wish them well on their future endeavors, may we offer a suggestion.

If you are truly leaving Idaho for another state, it's our two cents that you should take a couple of things with you from Idaho to help you on your journey:

Take These Three Things With You When Leaving Idaho


Perhaps you've just moved to Idaho, the Treasure Valley, or maybe even right here in Boise. If that's the case, phew, are we glad we caught you in time.

The foodie scene in Boise is absolutely delectable, if you know where to frequent, that is. Don't worry, we're here to help!

Here are four places in Boise you should definitely, absolutely, most certainly not eat at. Unless you just like being gross. In which case, have at it!

Four MORE Places Never To Eat In Boise


While you're avoiding those dining options, you're probably going to want to attempt to avoid these guys here in Boise. It's a losing battle, but you'll want to give a solid effort at least.

Four Men You'll Meet At Every Bar In Boise

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