Somewhere deep in my depths of a closet is a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt my ex-fiance sent me the year they went to the Superbowl.  I'm willing to donate it in the name of art during First Thursday tonight!

Is 2016 the year of letting go and moving on for you?  Then staring at the old necklace your ex bought you last Christmas probably isn't helping you get over the cheating d-bag.  You just haven't found a good enough reason to part with it yet.  MING Studio is giving you that reason!

They've teamed up with the Museum Of Broken Relationships to open an exhibit in the Treasure Valley on February 2nd, but to make it happen, they need the "junk" from old relationships!  So tonight they're asking you to bring a momento from a past relationship or gift from your ex to the Modern Hotel to donate.  Share its story and enjoy a drink on them!

The event starts tonight, Thursday, January 7th at 5 PM.

If I had my old engagement ring...oh, the stories I could tell about it.

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