"yOu'Re TrAvELiNg AgAiN? mUsT bE nIcE.." Yes, I am. And yes, it is. I hear this a lot- and I'm always happy to clap back with the fact that traveling doesn't have to be expensive, and that I travel often because it's what I'm passionate about and what I like to spend my money on. Why are people so invested with how someone else spends their money? I'll never get it.

Now that that's out of the way, I flew to San Diego after work on Friday to celebrate my birthday and visit my cousin! We are only two months apart and grew up a few blocks from each other, so we've been best friends our entire lives. She joined the Navy and has been living in San Diego for the better part of the last decade.

I've visited her lots of times but her and her husband just got a new house, so it was the perfect opp to go hang and see her new spot!

I got in Friday afternoon and she had made reservations for us at this newly renovated spot called The Guild Hotel, which used to be a military YMCA. A girl she met on Bumble BFF (people use that for real!!) designed the furniture/decor for the remodel and it's GORGEOUS!

I love a craft cocktail in a setting of black, white and copper with fresh greenery around, so this place was perfect for birthday happy hour.

We ended up in a Party Uber unexpectedly after riding Bird scoots and getting dinner at a dope plant-based spot called Cafe Gratitude. It was legit a party ride. Lights, psychadelic sunglasses and backseat karaoke complete with a mic and control over the songs. It was amazing.


My cousin Heather has two dogs, Frisbee and Niya. We took the pups for a morning run on Saturday down the Pacific Beach boardwalk. We only went about six miles total, but Niya doesn't run that far ever, so she was panting for an entire hour after the run!


After our run and some brekky, we laid out at her pool in her backyard. Imagine coming home to this every day after work?! I wouldn't leave! I would never spend money on going out because I'd always want to lounge at my pool!

The problem was- we laid out for too long. I was still in running clothes and just took my shirt off and laid in my sports bra for almost three hours, and my stomach is burnt. To a crisp. Heather got burnt as well. I thought I was so tan! I don't know what happened.


We shopped around, got boba tea and dinner and then went to get a reflexology massage! These are my favorites. I used to go to this place, Two Smiling Feet, in Seattle for years. It's an hour massage for only $30! I thought that deal couldn't be beat, but it was beat in SD. We found one that was only $20 next to the spot we got boba tea! How can they afford?! It was amazing.

Sunday morning we met up with our other cousin, Erin, who also lives in San Diego. She suggested the coolest vegan spot called Kindred. The decor was so gorgeous, I'm inspired to finally wallpaper a few walls in my house, starting with my guest room.

I have a pretty big family, most are in WA, some in SoCal and some in Pittsburgh, so it's great to link up whenever possible.

Heather and I had a few hours before I had to fly out, so we went to Liberty Station, which is one of my favorite shopping complexes in SD. They have the cutest shops, restaurants and outdoor space! There were a few weddings happening there while we were there too.

I love a quick weekend getaway filled with everything I love the most: friends and fam, great food, pretty scenery, laughs and the beach.

Planning my next weekend trip in my head as I type!

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