She may have been the "one that got away" for the guy who is now the best man in her wedding. Tuesday's Cruise & Box is a girl asking if she should tell her groom that it's not a good idea. The groom is totally cool with the situation. 

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Okay, back to business.

I will create new names for this situation so nobody gets their feelings hurt. We aren't looking to make people mad or call them out, we just want to pass the current situation along and get advice and feedback from you.

Hailey is getting married to Kyle. Kyle has asked Josh to be his best man. Hailey and Josh had a "thing" before Hailey and Kyle met and there's a chance that Hailey is Josh's "one that got away". Now, on Hailey's wedding day, if she shifts her eyes past her groom, she will be looking right at her ex.

The groom, Kyle, doesn't have a problem with this at all. He's secure in their relationship enough to know that Hailey is the one for him. Now people are talking and questioning whether or not this is a good idea.

Hailey wants to know: Should she have her groom choose another best man?

This whole situation isn't new. In fact, exes are at weddings all the time. If you're asking us (Cruise & Box) what our first response is, we're all about keeping things as they are. If everyone is okay with the situation and nobody has problems, what's the problem.

Seems simple, right?

Let's look at the actual wedding day. The groom is holding the bride's hands in his. They are looking into each other's eyes and committing to be together for the rest of their lives. In this relationship, it's the real deal.

Let's think about the guy who was with the bride for a bit. What about his feelings? Should we consider that if she is the one that got away, those feelings may come back to the surface.

Have you ever been in this situation?

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