Sometimes people hype an event up and it lets you down, and other times they hype it and it lives up to your expectations. Boise Pride exceeded mine.

I moved here in the fall, so this has been my first Pride here in Boise. I've done Pride year after year in Seattle, and wasn't sure how Boise would be in comparison. The Treasure Valley seriously showed out.

KISS FM has had a float in the parade for years, and we got to be the very last position, meaning we ended the parade. As all of the other floats were pulling out in front of us and starting the parade, our generator stopped. That meant our music stopped. We realized we ran out of gas, and our spare gas can was in the other KISS vehicle which had already pulled out into the parade. Worst case scenario. Our DJ Complex was set up and ready go to and had no power.

We did what anyone would do and sent an intern running into the parade to track down the gas. She got back literally as we pulled out into the parade and all worked out. It was hectic but we made it.

Anyway, SO MANY PEOPLE WATCHING THE PARADE! Thousands. Then tons of vendors at the festival after. Great moods, great outfits and lots of love.

Boise Pride was way doper than I ever imagined and I feel so grateful to have been apart of it and experience the vibe. Can't wait to wear glitter in my hair again next year!


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