It's officially happened. The Daddy moment that I will never forget because I got it all on video by accident. Don't try this at home!

Moments after IT happened.
Moments after IT happened.

Real Parenting by Kekeluv

I like that title thanks to a listener who commented about my REAL parenting skills. This is definitely not my finest moment as a dad. This was a good example of my wants over his needs = Did he just say that? Yes. I'm certain he said exactly that because it's on this video.

I should call this segment, "So, what had happened was..."

I left the station after my finishing up an hour about the Final Four and whether Mateo (nights on 103.5 Kiss FM) should stay in studio or go live. Mateo is from Nampa and graduated from Gonzaga University and this dude is a Bulldog for life. We did a poll on my show via Facebook and it was close but the listeners voted Mateo to watch the game. My plan was for him to stay in studio, do the show blindfolded, and have it narrated by two people that knew nothing about basketball. It might of been great or it could of failed. We'll never know.


Fun right? Good for Mateo thanks to our listeners. I was really worried he might lose it because this is his dream. Long story short for him, the Zags lost, he's fallen into depression, my kids said his first curse word, and life moves on!

Back to my story. I rush home to find my wife and her sister prepping for labor on Thursday. She is having her second baby and decided it would be a great sisterly idea to color her hair and watch the finale of Big Little Lies. This all happening during the National Championship game with Gonzaga and North Carolina. I retreated to our son's room to watch it on my computer. That didn't work because my password was wrong and it was just one of those nights. I gave up and retreated to our spare bedroom with that tv. I turned it on and it was already halftime. This is where everything goes wrong.

Wanna see more? I have some real parenting moments to showcase the fact that I'm - just a first-time daddy. Enjoy my humility.

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