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I'm married with two sweet little ones and we got lucky with a boy/girl combination. Nobody drives me crazy, met the wifey at Albertsons and I love her family. We know everything about each other ❤️

That should be good enough right? We don't cheat, get violent and it's all good. That's until I started coming home early due to the coronavirus and she drops this on me.

I would take a picture of this but you'll soon find out that's not a good look in this situation. I've been at the station since 4:14 a.m. and just got home and changed around 1:15 p.m. I'm standing in the kitchen as my son and daughter are quietly tearing up the couches. My wife looks at me with a laugh and tells me this.

Ha! I just don't get it. I'm starting to notice this more now that you've been home during the quarantine and I'm not sure why this bothers me.

I look at my wife and do that check yourself moment of what's wrong with me. She's laughing and I'm like, "What?"

Why is it that you can be doing anything and randomly be having a converstation with your hands down your pants?

Okay. Okay. I see where this is going but come on now, is this a shocker to women? Have you never seen a dude with his hands in his pants? It's not like I'm touching myself because my hand is just sitting on my leg. There's no crazy stuff going on as my kids and my wife is in front of me. Are you women that shocked that guys do that? Is this NOT a thing? Do I have issues?

Let's put this in perspective so you can visualize what's happening. I don't just drop my hands in my jeans or pants. If I'm dressed up you won't see me whip it out at Albertsons while checking out. Nobody at Winco has ever seen me with my hands down my pants and we're talking borderline prison time people. I'm pretty sure someone is posting me on Instagram in their story. Come on now!

Please reach out and let me know if this is something you notice with your man and send it to our DM Here.



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