I know we all love the weekend, but I really really love the weekend. Waking up at 4a during the week makes you appreciate sleeping in on a Saturday morning even more. And for me, sleeping in means about 8a. Here are some of the random photos I found in my camera roll from the weekend.

I've given myself a goal to work out at least 5x/week at Kvell downtown. I was so busy the first month being in Boise that my fitness routine took a backseat. It's never easy to start working out hard again, but Kvell has made it fun. I took the 9a class before meeting up with my friends in town for a hike up Table Rock!


It's always been my dream to have all copper silverware. I know, that's totally weird but I love copper accents. The reason I haven't just done it sooner is that it's so expensive! I found a couple sets of very affordable copper silverware at Ross. Seriously, don't sleep on Ross. They've got really great items, even furniture. My wood and metal coffee table is from Ross and everyone asks if it's Restoration Hardware! Nope, ROSStoration Hardware. Get it? k.

Anyway, I was going through my silverware to clear out and make room for the copper when I came across a foreign fork. My mom and aunts split a set of real silver cutlery from their grandparents, and it looked like that silver. I sent out a group text and found out it's my aunt's and I acquired it somehow. So this solo fork will be packed in my luggage when I go to Seattle for Thanksgiving this week.


Back to that whole sleeping in thing. I typically don't let my cats sleep with me, because they love to wake me up in the middle of the night if I do. More so Nala, she's the one snuggled under me. Porsche laying on my back is pretty low maintenance. But on a Saturday when I'm lounging in bed scrolling twitter, I let them come and snuggle in the bed. It's probably all 3 of our favorite parts of the week.


On Saturday before Twenty One Pilots, I met a girl who lives in Missoula and has a few mutual friends in the radio world. Nicole was so fun to hang with! We ran into each other at Fatty's and then bar hopped around together. This pic was taken at Roddy's, my first time there. Honestly I'll totally go back because it was packed and the bull-riding was great people watching.


Meeting listeners before and during Twenty One Pilots was so fun! It was my first big concert in Boise and my first time at Taco Bell Arena. All of our listeners are so sweet! And man.. Twenty One Pilots fans do not play around when it comes to merch. Everyone had a 21P shirt or hat or yellow tape on their clothes.. so cool. Their fan base is super loyal. Cannot wait for the next show at Taco Bell. That sounds so weird.


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