Chances are you already saw this story via KTVB, but if not, you'll surely notice CNN covering it.

Christian Larsen is nine years old, lives in Meridian and has autism. His mom shared on Facebook what happened leading up to his birthday party:

"Christian wanted to invite his whole class to his birthday party this year. He passed out the invitations. I only heard back from one girl, one out of 25 kids," Larsen said. "I don't blame them for that, I understand that behaviors and things that we're not used to can make us uncomfortable and make us shut down, but when you get to know someone that thing that was strange, that made you uncomfortable, that can become just a quirk and the quirk can become something special as you get to know them."

Her friend saw the post, and reached out to the coach of the Nampa HS football team, who showed up in a big way.

Since being covered on local news, national news picked it up today as well!

Seeing local stories like these make me so happy to live in a community like Idahome.

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