This is the kind of news that you love to see-- the reopening of a wholesome establishment, like a library!

It's so funny, just the other day I was talking about the Nampa Public Library. This place was a HUGE part of my childhood. Every single Saturday as a kid, my mom would take me to the public library. It was the highlight of my week. I would get all sorts of books, the latest magazine version of Sports Illustrated, and as I got older and my love for music grew, I would rent CD's and take them plug into iTunes! That probably wasn't legal...but how else was I supposed to get my hands on the latest 50 Cent album? I was a gangster from a young age!  Of course, my experience at the Nampa Public Library isn't what it is now-- it was in the OLD building and if you're a real one, you'll remember that musty, old, smelly building. I recently met a local police officer who told me they have trained in that building before and also noted that yes-- it smelled terrible.  The new facility, pictured above, is much nicer!

The good news for families and individuals who like me growing up, loved time in the Nampa Public Library is that it will soon be re-opening.  According to a release by the library, safety protocols will be followed and the doors will be opened to the public, once again, on March 15 of 2021. There is also a holds pickup window that will let you grab your books without having to go into the building!

Keep an eye out for job postings, too! The Nampa Public Library expects to have to hire on some folks to re-staff!

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