If you find yourself driving through downtown Nampa and saying "Oh crap!" to yourself, it's to be expected.

In recent weeks, pigeons pooping all over Nampa has become a serious problem. The problem has gotten so overwhelming that Nampa's urban renewal agency is allowing citizens to capture the birds free of charge.

Why is it such a problem? Bird poop had damage buildings, especially roofs, and the stuff isn't healthy to inhale. The Nampa Library has it so bad that the excess bird poop is posing a threat to maintenance workers who have to work on the roof. The white stuff could contain hazardous bacteria, so it isn't safe to work around.

Thing to know: Bird poop can eat away at your car's paint. So if you do find yourself in Nampa, and your whip is covered in bird droppings, you'll want to get it washed as soon as possible.


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