You didn't hear this from us and we certainly aren't encouraging it...but tomorrow, Friday, August 14th, is National Relaxation Day. If you ask me, relaxation is synonymous with lazy. I mean, I'm lazy for even writing this!

Every now and then Twitter blesses me with reminders of these types of holidays are coming up and lucky for me, I saw this one in time.

According to the internet, also known as the world wide wen, National Relaxation Day is meant for: you guessed it, relaxation. How do you plan to relax tomorrow?

Maybe you're TIRED of relaxing because of the way that COVID-19 has cramped all of our normal routines-- I know that I for one am ready for nightlife and working at clubs and live events to return to my weekly life. Then again, maybe the virus, for you, has meant MORE work and you actually need to relax.

Share with us how you plan to relax tomorrow-- call in sick, skip the gym...we want to know!

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